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Let's make a difference and save some lives, Pet Care Global needs you to support the homeless pets. The little you donate/give can make all the difference and save some lives.

So many pets, (dogs and cats) are in a very difficult condition right now starving for food. Due to Cold weather conditions that could not allow them.

Pet Care Global is in a donation (fundraising), to go for these pets' rescue and most especially provide food and shelter for the homeless pets.

We need to provide urgent shelter for stray dogs. Most dogs are in a very rare condition that requires food, shelter, and surgery from a specialist. We are currently working tirelessly trying to make that happen but it is an extremely expensive procedure and capital intensive.

We urgently need your help donations or assistant for homeless pets, dogs, and cats. fundraising of any amount will go a long way to help provide for food, shelter, and emergency treatment vet.

Please like and share our page to enable awareness and hope for all homeless pets.

We can’t thank you enough for your continued support…Let’s save some lives!

I will be giving updates on the pets and people I continue to meet, and everyone can see how your kindness is making a difference.
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