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Join us to put an end to animal abuse (welfare). The dog pictured here was abused by the owner and picked up on the street and on life support right now. $15k have been raised already out of a goal of $65k for us to provide basic necessity such as Food, Shelter, and Vet not only for this abused pet but for other stray dog and cat in our animal shelter.

Due to the overwhelming cold weather condition most dogs and cats are stranded and could not go out to fetch food for themselves. The number is increasing rapidly

The cold weather condition has caused pets(dogs and cats) to suffer from starvation. We Pet Care Global need your assistant or support to go on a rescue mission immediately.

OUR GOAL: Things We Want To Archive If We Get Your Help Or Assistant by Donating (fund Raising):

Just In Houston, Texas alone, there are million stray dogs. China and Russia have a flourishing population of stray dogs too, We want to move to this continent as soon as possible to rescue this pet (dog and cat).

Join us or Assist us by donations to reach out to stray and abused pets (dog and cat) in another continent. such as Asian countries, Kentucky, Lowa, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. These places we mentioned have a high number of welfare and abuse cases of pets. We want to move to the continent to rescue abused dogs and cats and provide basic necessities such as Food, Shelter, and Vet.

With your support or donation, not only food and shelter but also good treatment will be administered to many other stray dogs and cats, We need shelter most importantly where injured and sick dogs will be, and those recovering from spay/neuter surgery can be safe during their healing.

Please your collective support by donating here will also help to Prevent countless puppies from being born into a life of suffering.

Help us to fundraise.

Your donation will go a long way to alleviate the suffering of stray dogs.

Thank you for your generosity!
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