Raised: $49000

Goal: $169000

We are a non-profit organization dedicated toward actualizing the safety of pet in animal-hostile environments. We focus on third world countries to help and rescue pets from dangerous situations as we understand that they are an important part of our happy world. Our aim includes building animal shelters and provide continuous feeding for the pets. 
During this period of climate change and COVID issues, a lot of animals are being endangered and tortured in gruesome ways. In the third world countries especially, due to poverty and lack of food in the society, these animals we call pet are being taken as a source for food, Animal safety is not assured in these societies.
Regarding our location target, we intend to reach out mostly to less-developed countries, taking 70 percent of our time and budget, the remaining 30 percent will cover choice countries in the developed world. We have a large target, but we cannot help these pets without finances, these activities cost a lot of money and as a non-profit organization we rely on donations and grants to achieve these goals. We therefore look to get partners who share our concern and are willing to help pets survive in these dangerous times. 
We are further concerned about animal health with pets facing risk of diseases such as ticks, rabies, distemper, hookworms and the likes. Our goal is to save pets from exposure to these diseases and cure the existing animal infections and diseases. 
In this world we live in, pets are human’s best friend and have positive influence on social, emotional and cognitive development of humans, they provide companionship and relieve stress and anxiety. It is therefore within the ambit of our responsibility to also assist them as their survival is to our benefit. If only they could speak to us, we would understand their little cries and worries. We must be proactive in helping these animals before it becomes late.  
We hope that we can get your kind assistance towards this cause. If you wish to contribute, you can contact us through

Save Pets